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We are grateful for the ongoing support of our Gilroy Foundation members!


Rosemary Anderson
Marlene and William Ayer
Vicki and Jay Baksa
Nancy and Ted Becker
Lee and John Blaettler
Judy and Sam Bozzo
Rhoda and Martin Bress
Vicki and Frank Campanella
Karen and Don Christopher
Christopher Ranch
Patty and David Chantler
Teresa and Steve Costa
Sally and Larry Connell
Melanie and Matt Corona
Frank Della Maggiora
Barbara Drewitz
Diane Dyer
Elan Family Investors
Bunny Filice 
Ernie Filice
Patty Filice
Janice and Timothy Filice
Jan Froom
Laura and Sy Gelman
Gilroy Toyota
Jane and Glenn Goldsmith
Joel and Paula Goldsmith
Andrea and Jim Habing
Jodi and Ric Heinzen
Carmen and David Jones
Dolores and John Kent
Miki Kinkel
Scott Kinkel
Elizabeth and Jeff Klein
Joanne Kraemer
Libby Lai
Janet and Brad Leach
Warren Lindeleaf
Joe Mata
Pam and Jeff Martin
Monica and Bill McClintock
Lori and Kevin McKinley
Cindy and Mike Morsilli
Alan Obata and Kevin Heath
Tom Obata Family
Jan and Steve Peat
Pinnacle Bank
Rachel and John Perez
Donna and Ron Pray
Mark Roberts
Jeannine and Francis Sacco
Kathy and Gene Sakahara 
Andora and Chris Salcido
Holly and Larry Sanford 
Linda and Ralph Santos
Laurie and Harold Sontag
Jennifer and Jeff Speno
Sandi and George Stramback
Valerie and David Vanni
Lynn Wagner
Jan Wallace
Christine and Paul Wheeler


Sharan and Manny Bhandal
Valerie Filice
Lori and Larry Kent
Rory C. and James E. Pace
Carol Peters
George Salcido
Ed Seledon
Carolyn and Eddie Tognetti
Barbara and Bud Biafore
Marie and Stephen Blankley
Jan and Doug Buessing
Barbara Clark
Trudie Conrotto
William Corneth
Ruth and Rick Dyer
Douglas Fredona
Dennis Harrigan
Gilroy Veterinary Hospital 
Judy and Jim Lazarus
Recology, Inc.
Jill and Chris Vanni
Sharon and Don Vanni
Monica and David Villar
David Becker
Kristin and Dennis Bright
Amanda Brown
Monica and Mike Chuck
Mia and Don DeLorenzo
Doris and Mike Dorn
Edith Edde
Maxine Elin
Janice and Raul Felipa
Ann Filice 
Bob Filice
Jeanne and Joe Filice
Renée Filice
Joanne and Dominic Galu
Patty and Joe Giacalone
Bernie Habing
Ashley and John Hagins - Skylake Tree Services
Sue and Mike Hawk
Roberta H. Hughan
Joann Kessler
Karen and Frank LaCorte
Elaine and Peter Long
Linda and David Matuszak
Debbie and Vito Mercado
Mary Pat and Kurt Michielssen
Anisha and Rajee Munshi
Marybeth and Eric R. Nagareda, D.D.S
Chris Ordaz
Scholastic Ventures, Inc.
Anita Sciutto
South Valley Insurance Services, LLC
Annie and Sal Tomasello
Shirley Willard

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